Guyana Government Embroiled in Diplomatic Row

Nigel Hughes

The Guyana government this week found itself embroiled in a diplomatic row regarding Italy’s envoy in Guyana.

Italian government officials disclosed that Guyana’s ambassador to Venezuela, Geoffrey Da Silva earlier this week demanded of the Italian Ambassador to Venezuela, that the Italian government immediately revoke the appointment of attorney at law Nigel Hughes as its honorary consul in Guyana.

Hughes was recently elected chairman of the parliamentary opposition party – Alliance for Change (AFC), replacing current Speaker of Parliament Raphael Trotman.

He has been severely critical of the PPP government’s handling of the Linden crisis where police shot and killed three residents protesting a 300 percent increase in electricity tariffs.

Italian officials said Da Silva informed their Ambassador in Venezuela that the PPP government of Guyana would not accredit or recognize Hughes as Honorary Italian Consul to Guyana since  he is now chairman of the AFC.

Hughes said he has been acting as honorary consul for Italy for more than eighteen months and that the government has overlooked his accreditation.

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