Hair Professionals Workshop

Participants of the hair professionals workshop are very pleased with the training they have received from Mrs. Margaret Fletcher-Julien.
The workshop began on Monday June 18th and concluded with a ceremony today, June 21st.

Participants at the workshop learned different skills including, cutting hair, the difference between relaxing and texturizing.

They were also introduced to a new product called Cysteine Complex.

Suzette Robin Dejean is owner of the venue for the workshop, Suzette’s Beauty Salon.

Though she is not a first time hair dresser, she expressed her gratitude to Mrs. Fletcher Julien for explaining new cutting skills and other techniques, including the teaching on how to better deal with her customers.

She says that what she does, is not just meant to make money but for her love of hair.

Wendy Matthew, a participant of the workshop, has always had a full time job but does hairdressing part time.

She says the course has taught her a lot of the formal terms when it comes to hair dressing.

The participants of the workshop especially wanted to thank Mrs. Margaret Fletcher- Julien, the trainer, for exposing them to new skills and techniques, and they assure her that her work will not go in vain.

They also wanted to thank Ms. Leanthia Pacquette, Managing Director of Management Consultancy and Agency Services for organizing the workshop.

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