Hair Professionals Workshop

hairshow.jpgHair Professionals around the island are getting an opportunity to receive hands on training on techniques and strategies used, to enhance their hair care professional skills.

The Dominica Cosmetology Association is putting on a workshop for the professionals at Suzette’s Beauty Salon on Virgin Lane from June 18th to 22nd.

 Margaret Fletcher- Julien, a cosmetology educator is conducting the workshop.

 She sees the hair industry as one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

 Ms. Fletcher-Julien has been in the business for 42 years and wants to share her experience and address the specific needs of the participants.

Topics to be covered at the workshop are hair and scalp analysis, difference between texturing and relaxing.

She is also here to introduce a new product that will change the industry.

Jenise Mills, one of the participants at the workshop, is excited to learn all she can about hair.

She also wants to give her clients an expensive look at an affordable price.

On Wednesday June 20th, they will be conducting the session on cysteine complex.

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