Haitian Bus Driver Says He is Being Discriminated

One Haitian bus driver is calling for justice in what he says he and two other Haitian bus drivers are being discriminated.

Hatian bus driver – Mr. Moise Frantso

Mr. Moise Frantso says that, since the bus stop in front of Miniya’s Supermarket across the bridge in Roseau was relocated to River Bank, the Mahaut bus drivers have been trying all in their power to ensure they cannot operate there.

He said it has gotten so bad that there have been close calls to physical altercations, threats, and some bus drivers have been blocking them from entering the line, which was created for the Mahaut, Massacre, Jimmit bus drivers.

Mr. Frantso says just as there are many Dominicans living and working in other countries all over the world, they should be able to do the same in Dominica despite their nationality.

The upset bus driver pointed out that he is paying for his C driver’s license to operate his bus just like everyone else so there should be no reason he cannot be a part of the line with the other bus drivers for the Mahaut, Massacre, Jimmit bus route.

Mr. Frantso says that what hurts him the most is that when he went to the Assistant Superintendent (ASP) of the Traffic Department Patrickson Albert, he said he does not know what to say about the situation.

He said if the person in charge of the Traffic Department could not provide him with a solution to the situation, he does not know what else he can do.

Assistant Superintendent of the Traffic Department -Patrickson Albert

However, Assistant Superintendent (ASP) of the Traffic Department Patrickson Albert says he did answer Mr. Frantso on this situation and what can be done to end this issue.

Mr. Albert says that if the Mahaut bus drivers are indeed threatening the Haitians, this is something they will not tolerate and once it has been reported, it will be dealt with accordingly.

He added that Mr. Frantso came to him to request permission to park by Miniya’s Supermarket across the bridge in Roseau to pick up passengers. Mr. Albert denied the request, since the area is not a bus stop and advised him to park among the Mahaut bus drivers.

Mr. Albert added that he does not know why the locals are discriminating against the Haitians, but this is not what should be going on.

President of the Mahaut Bus Drivers Association (MBDA) Worrel St. Jean says there has never been any conflict between the bus drivers of Mahaut and the Haitian bus drivers.

One Mahaut bus driver, Mr. Rennicks voiced his opinion saying that, the Haitians can run the road but not from the Mahaut, Massacre, Jimmit line on the bustop. He explained that there is no room for the Haitians as there are 109 buses for Mahaut and this is more than enough for the route.

Another bus driver said that the Haitians have been killing their business by lowering bus fares to compete with them which is unacceptable and needs to stop.

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