Haitian Government Seeks Close to $40 Million in Aid in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Haitians Receiving Food Aid

The United Nations and the government of Haiti are seeking close to $40 million in extra funding for humanitarian needs in the Caribbean nation in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

An additional $39.9 million is required to address rising food insecurity, and provide shelter, health services and potable water for more than a million people.

Of this, $23.2 million is needed to meet the most urgent needs in 2012.

The impact of the hurricane has generated a number of critical needs and exacerbated existing ones.

Of utmost concern are the 1.5 million people living in severe food insecurity in rural areas most affected by the hurricane.

According to the Humanitarian Coordinator in Haiti, Nigel Fisher, the increased CAP funding is urgently required “to meet both immediate humanitarian needs and recovery efforts.

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