Haitian National Fined for Overstaying

6741Haitian national Jameon Denis has been given a break by a Roseau Magistrate to get his affairs in order.

The 24 year old pleaded guilty to overstaying in the country.

According to the facts Denis entered Dominica on March 29th and was granted 1 month’s stay.  However he failed to leave the State by the time permitted.

On June 2 during a visit to the Immigration Department to extend his stay, he was arrested after an examination of his passport.

When cautioned by the police, Denis said he needed to extend his ticket before applying for an extension of time.

In court earlier this week, Chief magistrate Candia George gave the defendant a stern warning.

Additionally he was fined $500 payable by June 30 or in default spend 2 months in prison.

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