Hartley Adams Says Goodbye to the Ministry of Education

Retired Educator Hartley Adams (left) Receiving Plaque

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development on Friday bid farewell to retired educator Hartley Adams.

Mr. Adams retired from the public service on November 12th, after thirty-eight years spent as a teacher.

He was also a principal, policy & planning officer and education officer for the southern, western and northern districts.

At the time of his retirement, Mr. Adams was the Education Officer for the North and his colleagues remember him as a straight-shooter, who was unconventional but very passionate about education.

At a ceremony attended by staff of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Assistant Chief Education Officer Doctor. Jeffrey Blaize said Adams leaves with a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with educators, teachers, and principals.

Mr. Blaize thanked the retired educator for his long service and for working with schools over so many years.

Mr. Adams said he had a wonderful life in education, and is available to continue serving the Ministry of Education if called upon to share his expertise.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development extends congratulations to Mr. Adams on his retirement.

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