Harvest Thanksgiving Service

President of MCCA Youth Commission, Devon Brewster

On Sunday, November 18th marked the first year that the Methodist church in the Caribbean and America (MCCA), recognized Youth and Young Adults Lord’s Day.

Harvest within the Methodist Churches was recognized and the people gave thanks to the Almighty for all the produce.

Mount Wallis Methodist Church in Portsmouth, observed “harvest” only. The preaching focused on harvest in relation to the first MCCA (Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the America’s).

The message addressed to the youth was extremely powerful and grasping. They were asked to focus on the words of the hymns and the words preached.

Individuals present at the service

He added that new ideas are welcomed for the development of the church. He also urged the young people to take a keen interest in this event so that the next will be greater.

They will continue to develop themselves as a church and a “people”.

This was indeed a rather interesting event for the youth.


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