Health and Education Workshop Opening Ceremony

Stephenson Hyacinth

Chief Education Officer, Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth

The ministries of Health, Education, Human Resource Development and the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI) are hosting a workshop to develop a school health nutrition policy.

This is a very important aspect of the school system for the Ministry of Education.

The Chief Education Officer, Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth, says if we do not have students who are healthy and able to concentrate well, then the goals being set by the Ministry will not be achieved.

He hopes the exercise will help them to promote healthy eating and physical activities at the schools.

He says the children need to have a proper diet to have the capacity to learn.

Health Promotion Coordinator, Mrs. Anthelia James, says the ability to develop and become productive adults is greatly influenced by their education, health and socio- economic status.

The Heads of Governments of CARICOM also stated their concerns with regards to the rising levels of obesity, particularly among children and the youth.

A draft report from the secondary school survey in 2009 revealed that 10 percent of students are overweight, and 26 percent are at risk to becoming overweight.

Sadly, 5 percent of students said that they were constantly hungry because there was nothing to eat at home.

Policy Analyst with CFNI, Mrs. Beverly Lawrence, hopes that this policy will reverse the trend of obesity among school students.

They are hoping that out of this workshop there will be many suggestions as to what will be added to the policy and the way forward with the venture.


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