Health and Wellness Consultation

Significant strides are being made locally and regionally to further develop, promote and organized the Health and Wellness industry in Dominica.

On July 23rd, representatives of the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association (C-SWA) and the Caribbean Export Development Agency met with persons representing Government Ministries as well as public and private sector agencies, who will be involved in the implementation of strategies for the industry, and to discuss their roles when these strategies are approved.

The Dominica Coalition of Service Industries, the National Export Council Secretariat and C-SWA hosted a consultation on July 24th at the Fort Young Hotel, to present strategies for the development of the industry among other things.

Steve Andrews, Chairman of C-SWA says the Health and Wellness sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the region and he is here to support Dominica in this study and give some insight into the regional strategy.

Some of the findings show that in Dominica there is tremendous potential within the sector but there are serious issues that we need to address.

David Gomez, Senior Advisor of Marketing Intelligence for Caribbean Export, says to succeed in this industry Dominica has to feature as a priority its tourism product and there are opportunities for integration of other sectors such as agriculture and professional services.

But he sees that there isn’t a sufficient buying from stakeholders on in Dominica to implement the kinds of strategies that they are proposing.

The consultation will seek to enhance the structure of the industry, facilitate Advanced Massage Therapy Training and to present the National Assessment and the Regional Strategy to stakeholders.

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