Health and Wellness Symposium

Monday August 27th saw a Health and Wellness Symposium organized by Junior Tourism Minister, Kitwanie Carbon.

This was in an effort to help further sensitized the public on ways they can prolong their lives, use herbal remedies in Dominica to cure illnesses and market it on an international level.

Terri Henry is a massage therapist and has been part of the Health and Wellness Industry in Dominica.

At the Symposium she focused on what is health and wellness and emphasized on the importance of taking care of ourselves.

 She says we need to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning to take go for a run or say no to fast food, and to do this we need to draw on our motivating factors.

She says we shouldn’t just market health and wellness as a niche but that people can come to Dominica and aspire to be like our population.

As the statistics show, over 70 percent of Dominican women are obese, Ms. Henry says we need to be synchronized with what we’re putting out there and what is within.

She says we can’t change just because we want more tourists, but rather that it will make us healthier, more productive, and as a by-product we will have a vibrant health and wellness product.


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