Health Care Practitioners Awarded at Nurses Awards Ceremony

Doctor Helen Royer Receiving Her Award

A number of nurses were awarded for their service on Thursday November 1st, as the Dominica State College celebrated 50 years of Nursing Education in Dominica.

Speaking at the ceremony, Doctor Adelphi Maria Scotland PHD, pointed out that nurses must make a conscious effort to advocate for patients and their families.

She pointed out that perseverance builds character and is a key to success, and that nurses, should be persons of integrity and honesty while displaying professional behavior at all times.

Doctor Adelphi Maria Scotland PHD

Doctor Scotland said if all nurses use this information they will be better nurses and continue to make meaningful contributions to nursing education in Dominica.

During the ceremony she presented a plaque and a copy of her research as a nurse, on the beliefs and knowledge related to the management of hypertension among adult Dominicans to the School of Nursing of the Dominica State College.

Some of the persons awarded at the ceremony were Ms. Trefina Alexander of the first class of nursing in 1962, in addition to Pheona Federick amongst others.

The award for the first male student nurse went to Mr. Sinclair, while award for past principal tutors went to Mrs. Zedma Toussiant, Sister Agnes Brooks, and Sharren Lawrence.

First alumni to obtain a Master’s Degree award went to Jean Jacob, while first level two alumni to obtain Master’s Degree was awarded to Mrs. Helen Royer, and first alumni to obtain a Doctoral Degree went to Doctor Marie St. Rose.

The Cuban Government was awarded for their support and infrastructure and rehabilitation, while the Nigerian Government was awarded for their support with Human Resources, and the Home for the Aged.

Guests At The Nurses Awards Ceremony

Mrs. Zedma Toussiant who received the award for past principal tutors said she is thankful to be awarded at this ceremony after 50 years.

Mrs. Toussaint said it is wonderful to see the many persons that were awarded, as many times hard working people go to their grave without a pat on the back for their meaningful contributions.

She added that she would love to see the program for nursing continue and grow from strength to strength to ensure its longevity.



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