Health care providers updated to deal with chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDS)

A number of health care professionals on the island, have been updated on how best to improve the quality of care provided to people with chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD).


The information was given at a workshop on Wednesday May 16th, which was organized by the country’s Health Promotion Unit and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).


Minister of Health, Honourable Julius Timothy says, they have for a number of years now been promoting the Caribbean Wellness Day, while also encouraging many young persons to exercise all in the effort to reduce the prevalence of CNCDs in Dominica.


Mr. Timothy pointed out that in the Government headquarters all staff, is allowed from 3pm to go to the Windsor Park Stadium to exercise for one hour, on a daily basis.


He also stated that the government, have been doing a lot to better help persons with CNCD’s and also preventative measures.


Mr. Timothy says they are hoping that the adoption of the Chronic care model, will set the stage to better serve people with CNCDs, especially those with disabilities.


One of the objectives is, to facilitate their integration into the community and to empower them to become more responsible.


Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Mrs. Helen Royer says, by adopting this model, Dominica will be joining countries around the world that, have already initiated this project.


She also said this will be consistent with the International standards that have been set.


Mrs. Royer says seeing the increase in obesity especially in school children, the Ministry of Health have started their school health programme aimed at tackling the issue.


Mrs. Royer went on to say that it is very important that persons on medication to deal with such disease take their medication, because too many times after their death, there are packs of medication in their homes they had to be taking.


In 2011, five countries in the Caribbean: Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia and Anguilla conducted a similar project.

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