Health Department launches ‘Consumer Awareness Programme.’

Sat Telecoms2013-10-03-18h45m56s12In an effort to protect the public from food poisoning, during the festivities, the Environmental Health Department has launched a ‘Consumer Awareness Programme.’

Acting Chief Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Sylvester St. Ville, highlighted that this consumer awareness programme, is aimed at promoting the safe purchasing of food, during the Creole and Independence seasons, one which the Ministry has identified as contributing to an increaded incidence of food borne illness.

October is also deemed ‘Food Safety Awareness Month.’

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A recent study conducted by the Health Information Unit, revealed that food borne illness exerts a somber burden on the nation’s health system and economy.

A small number of persons were studied, and the cost of treating food borne illness for the 100 individuals, was well over 1-million dollars.

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The role the Environmental Health Department plays, in relation to illness transmitted by food, is primarily prevention and as such the Department has planned a series of activities, to promote the safe purchasing of food.

The Department will also conduct a simultaneous programme with organizers and vendors of all events Island-wide, to ensure guidelines and standards are considered, when offering food for sale to the public.

Environmental Health Officers will be present at all activities conducting public health monitoring.

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