Health Minister Hopes to See a 95% Decrease in Diabetes Amputations

Dr. Kristien Van Acker

As Caribbean Wellness Day came to an end, Director of Primary Health Care Services Dr. Martin Christmas says that he was extremely pleased with the amount of people who turned out to complete the advanced course of training.

Dr. Kristien Van Acker says without having good communication and listening skills, we cannot move forward.

Dr. Acker mentioned that they had wonderful discussions where they just listened to the points made as Health Care Providers.

In addition she stated that as an international faculty, they also did some calculations in regards to the patients.

Minister of Health Hon. Julius Timothy

Minister of Health Hon. Julius Timothy says Diabetic Foot Care is a passion of his.

Mr. Timothy also mentioned that he set a target and he knows for a fact that it is achievable based on the feedback that he received.

He says he wants to see a 95% decrease om diabetes amputations in the next three weeks.

Mr. Timothy told the Health Care Providers that they have a challenge on their hands however; he is definite that they can live up to it and deliver.

He mentioned after the first “step by step” programme they were able to bring down a podiatrist and she was very pleased particularly in the “out districts”

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