Health Minister’s speech for vaccination week of the Americas

MINISTRY-OF-HEALTH.jpgDominica joined the rest of the world in celebrating Vaccination Week of the Americas.


Speaking on this celebration Health Minister, Honourable Julius Timothy says, Vaccination Week of the Americas is an annual event which was launched in 2003, and endorsed by the Pan American Health Organization.


This initiative also provides a platform to raise population awareness, regarding the importance of immunization, which in turn will keep the topic on the front of political agendas.


Mr. Timothy pointed out that this year further marks a public health milestone in our region, with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Vaccination Week of the Americas, which began on April 21st and will run util April 28th.


“For you, for me, for everyone, get vaccinated,” is the theme chosen for the celebration.

The Health Minister stated that it is clear that the use of vaccines by the Ministry of Health, is one of the major factors in disease prevention.


He added that parents can now testify to a greater quality of life for their young children, and resources can now be redirected to other public health interventions, to combat chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer.


Mr. Timothy highlighted the need to maintain vigilance on their health programs, as those tested showed a slight increase in the number of cases of tuberculosis.


He went on to say that the public will be provided with information on vaccines and the required vaccines will be administered.

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