Health promoting school initiative workshop

The Ministry of Health met with the Principals of Primary Schools on March 5th for a workshop focused on maintaining good health of primary school students.



Mrs. Helen Royer, the Coordinator of Health Promotion says that there is an increased concern for the health of children as recent surveys revealed startling results.


Student’s health includes that of their environmental health and principals need to ensure that students are provided with the basic necessities such as healthy facilities, proper shelter, ventilation and lighting, protection from biological threats, chemical threats and potential threats such as traffic accidents.


Miss Ferdina Carbon, the Senior Environmental Health Officer says that another area of concern is that of the standard of food safety practiced in schools.


In addition to the health of students she also touched on the environmental health of the administration, which also has to pay attention to their health practices at their workplace.


The Ministry of Health are making an attempt to lower CNCD’s and health problems by educating and maintaining health standards as facts from the Dominica STEPS Survey 2008 shows that 32.1% have raised blood sugar and raised cholesterol.

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