Health Training Program Held at PMH for Health Care Providers


Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop Instructor, Dr. Rosen

On Monday March 11th The Princess Margaret Hospital held a Neonatal Training Workshop, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Health, PAHO and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

In terms of how the idea originated, all three organizations recognized the need for further training, chiefly in Neonatal Resuscitation skills.

PAHO has offered to provide us with technical assistance with our goals of increasing our Neonatal survival in Dominica.

Ms. Augustine added, that PAHO along with the Ministry of Health, have been working feverishly towards improving the Neonatal Survival in Dominica.

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Lambert, are the program instructors. Dr. Rosen said, she is extremely delighted to be invited to Dominica to host this workshop.


Ms. Shirley Augustine, PAHO Country Representative

She believes it is vital that members and doctors at the PMH, are introduced to Resuscitation skills.

Dr. Rosen extends her heartfelt gratitude to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, for sponsoring her flight expenses. Without their donation, Dr. Rosen would not have had the opportunity to assist our doctors at the PMH.


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