Health Week Community Outreach

youth_discussion.jpgIn the observance of Medical Lab Professional Week, Lab Superintendant of the Princess Margaret Hospital (P.M.H) Mr. Walter Jones, put on a display outside of the Ministry Building on April 30th.


The display consisted of information relating to health and blood donors.


Mr. Jones says scheduled visits from different schools will be participating in this observance and the public is invited. In addition, he says that the team will be traveling to Soufriere on Wednesday 2nd to put on the very same display.


Mr. Jones mentioned that this year theme is, “be a blood donor, all it costs is a little love.” He believes donating blood is vital and the public should get more involved into saving lives.


He says the Health Personnel has been supportive and the ultimate goal is to make sure that Dominicans have the option to ensure that they are healthy.


Mr. Jones wants the public to understand the role of the lab by promoting the proper use of it in order for people to be aware of what to do when accessing the lab.


He says the two tests that are being done are blood pressure and glucose checks. In addition, he says blood donors also need to be tested to make sure that they are eligible to donate blood.


Mr. Jones says we need to take charge of our own health rather than relying on medical staff. He believes that we should do medical tests on the regular basis.

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