Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise must be incorporated in School Curriculum

The Ministry of Education is calling on schools to incorporate healthy eating and physical exercise into the school curriculum.

Stephenson Hyacinth

The Chief Education Officer, Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth

This comes after a workshop that was held to help develop a school health nutrition policy.

The Chief Education Officer, Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth, says if these are not incorporated into the schools then he is fearful that the Ministry will not achieve their goal of having every child succeed.

He says this will influence the way we look at children and the work needed to be done and the way we work with the students in the classroom.

It will also influence the way that they teach.

It will also influence the foods that are being sold to the students on the school compound.

He says for this, the ministry would have to implement policies so that the vendors will keep in line with the guidelines that they provide.

His aim is that they will come up with a few practical solutions to the problem of obesity in school, because unless it is practical it will not work.

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