Healthy Living Wellness established in Dominica


Healthy Living Wellness Centre

With the high rise of non-communicable diseases that has been pervading our society, the establishment of a Health and Wellness Centre – the only of its kind in Dominica, has set the way to address those issues.

The Healthy Living Wellness Centre opened its doors to the public, on August 7th, providing Dominicans with diversified services that would enable them to lead healthier and improved lifestyles.

Tahira Blanchard, owner of the Healthy Living Wellness Centre and a certified colon hydro therapist, said she decided to embark on this field, primarily to assist individuals with drug addiction.


Infra-red Sauna

With approximately sixteen members on staff, the Centre provides various services including consultations on people’s health conditions, massages, colon therapy procedure and the infra-red sauna therapy.

Ms. Blanchard said the establishment is an avenue used to encourage people to live healthy lives, by equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge.


Client receiving foot Ionic Foot Detox

Sonia Nestor, a Health Counselor at Healthy Living Wellness, said her priority is to advise people about nutrition and lifestyle changes.


The Centre is opened to the public from Monday to Saturday.

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