Hector John Speaks on the Voting Rules And Regulations

Hector John

Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Hector John

Today in most democracies, the right to vote is granted as a birth right, without discrimination with regard to race, class or gender.

Elections are held to the ideal of “one individual, one vote”, meaning every vote should be counted with equal weight.

Leader of the Opposition Mr. Hector John says that some individuals are unfair when it comes to voting in Dominica and we should use Grenada as an example to exercise voting rightfully.

Mr. John noted, they do this by providing voters in Grenada with ID Cards. He says in Dominica, the population is about seventy thousand, and the number of registered voters is about sixty-six thousand which is about 94% of our population.

He emphasized that this is the foundation for any democratic process. He says everyone who CAN vote should be given that opportunity.

He said persons who migrated to abroad and have not been in Dominica in years, sometimes come to the country just t vote and then leave, which is biased.

He says this why they have been advocating what transpired in Grenada.

Mr. John noted that the Former Prime Minister of Grenada Mr. Tillman Thomas, called on the OECS to have an overview of the process and they gave a very good report on the biometrics procedure that is implemented in Grenada.

“Grenada has it, St. Kitts has it, why can’t Dominica have it,” He questioned.

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