Hector ‘Spaggs’ John lashes out at agricultural minister Matthew Walter.



The newly appointed opposition leader, Hector ‘Spaggs’ John has lashed out at the Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Matthew Walter, for being incapable of dealing with agricultural issues and failing to represent the farmers best interest. As he called for the minister’s resignation, he highlighted several areas where the minister has failed to represent the farmers effectively.


“We hardly export a 1000 cartoons a week to the Caribbean, brothers and sisters. This is serious and yet still this government under Matthew Walters, should be working together to ensure that we keep our farming company together. They should provide subsidies for them to go back to their farms and move forward,” said John.


Mr. John said that Walter should be aware of the issues which are lingering in the agricultural sector and should be able to handle them in a more efficient manner.


He said, You have the Minister of Agriculture going to a function, without remedial methods to make the officials aware that you are taking actions to ensure that our banana farmers in Dominica package their products properly and send out quality produce, but instead you come back and repeat statements made by the agricultural minister from another country.”


“Matthew Walter is our Minister of Agriculture and I will join Mr. Ronny Isidore and Honourable Eddison James and call for the resignation letter and firing of Mr. Matthew Walter as the Minister of Agriculture,” the opposition leader said.


The agricultural minister held a press a conference to address those issues that are being magnified by the United Workers Party. When contacted by our news team, Mr. Walter said that he refuses to comment on such statements made by Mr. John who he referred to as being “idle.”

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