Hector ‘Spags’ John says the UWP has a solid foundation


Newly Appointed Opposition Leader Hector ‘Spags’ John said that the United Workers Party is currently focusing on building their base. John made this statement during an interview with SAT TV News, as he continued to advocate for the implementation of Electoral Reform. According to him, the Party has a solid foundation, which he is hoping to build upon as Leader of the Opposition.


‘I think one of the constraints we have is proper access to the Media and you know the problem that we are experiencing with the National Radio Station. We should be able to share our opinion on what is happening in the country but we are being blocked by DBS and GIS. However, we are in the process of finding ways to effectively utilize the Media houses to bring out our plans and programs,’ explained John.


He said that the issue of Electoral Reform remains at the top of the Party’s agenda.


‘That is critical! If we can get Electoral Reform implemented, Voter ID Cards, cleaning the list, access to the National Radio Station, enforcing our Bribery Laws, the UWP, DFP, DLP, and every other Political Party in Dominica will have a level playing field to compete in any elections and have the opportunity to win fair and square. That is what we want for our country, not just the United Workers Party but for every other Political Party to have an opportunity to voice their opinions and to participate in an elections not feeling threatened or intimidated by one Party wanting the monopoly. That is a direct threat to our country and as the new Leader of the Opposition, these are the kind of issues I would like to see debated at a National level, to ensure that we have a thriving democracy,’ he said.


John who is also the Parliamentary Representative for the Salisbury Constituency said that it is rather unfortunate, that the Prime Minister complains about the expenses associated with the implementation of Voter ID Cards, while he spent significant sums of money campaigning during the 2009 general elections.


He said, ‘ what is more disturbing is the Prime Minister’s recent statement in which he said that it is going to cost about 3.1 Million dollars to implement Voter ID Cards and that same Prime Minister spent a budgeted 23 Million dollars campaigning during the last general elections. Just understand, 3.1 Million dollars for Voter ID Cards to ensure that Dominicans were voting on their right names and respected the Constitution, and the Prime Minister saw that as a problem but yet still he took 23 Million dollars to buy an election, the same elections that we’re talking about to implement Voter ID Cards. Just think about that,’ exclaimed John.

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