Henry Dyer Remains Silent on Appointment to IPO Controversy

former attorney general, Henry ‘Barbs’ Dyer

former attorney general, Henry ‘Barbs’ Dyer

Amidst controversy surrounding his appointment to the Integrity in Public Office (IPO) Commission, former attorney general, Henry ‘Barbs’ Dyer is remaining silent.

Dyer, was sworn in to the commission on Friday May 16th 2014, but senior counsel Tony Astaphan says Dyer’s appointment is disrespectful, and described it as a move of desperation if they could not have found someone else.

He stressed and I quote, “If the Bar Association appointed Mr. Dyer with the knowledge of the case of the Prime Minister, that is disrespectful. If they did not know about the case, but they were seeking to ensure that no one who was politically bias should be appointed to the commission, and they came up with Mr. Dyer, that is disrespectful”.

All requests by SAT TV for Dyer to comment on the controversy were denied, with him making it very clear he will not speak on the matter.

The IPO is currently investigating a matter involving Mr. Skerrit as it was alleged that he used his position as chairman of Cabinet to secure concessions for a business concern, in which he reportedly held ownership interest.

In 2011 Astaphan opposed the appointment of Dyer on the grounds that, political activists should not be appointed to commissions such as the IPO and his argument, this time around, he say is basically the same.

  • Raglan Riviere

    What is Mr. Astaphan afraid of? Who in Dominica is politically unbiased? Was the appointment of Charles Savarin disrespectful?

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