Heritage Exposition Open Day

Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, Honorable Matthew Walter

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division hosted “Heritage Exposition Open Day”  under the theme partnering for further progress and development on Wednesday 0cotober 31st.

According to the Director of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division Mr. Minchinton Burton, they decided to host this event on” Flag Day” because this is a day where people show their patriotism to Dominica.

Minister for Agriculture and Forestry Honorable Matthew Walter says many of us lack love for our country.

Mr. Walter added that when many of us leave Dominica to more developed countries, we realize the things that Dominica does not have.

The minister says Dominica has given every Dominican all what is needed for the holistic development of the country. He stated that many times we chose not to contribute towards our own country.

Mr. Walter was amazed of how well the children performed and says this shows that they take a keen interest in their culture.

Shortly after the Heritage Exposition Open Day, the launch of UNESCO’S funding project “protection of Cultural and Natural Trail” took place.

Mr. Walter says the trail brings to Dominica a situation where it can generate wealth for this country.

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