Heston Charles Hosts “Sunday Praises” at the State Prison


Prisoners participating in the “Sunday Praises” event

On Sunday December 16th, Mr. Heston Charles, Host of “Sunday Praises” along with the Hilltop Singers brought some cheer to the inmates at the Dominica State Prison.

For the past four the show has partnered with the Hilltop Singers, to go around Dominica preaching the word of God.

They engaged in praise and worship with songs like “Thanks, Thanks”, and “Your Presence is Heaven to Me.”

Bishop Alice Jacob gave the sermon for the day.

She says to them that all their afflictions will soon pass and they should have hope that when they get out of prison they will be better people in society.


Mr. Heston Charles, Host of “Sunday Praises”

Some of the young men even gave their lives to God during the service.

Even the women inmates were part of the praise and worship. The inmates seemed to have an enjoyable time praising God.

The inmates even gave testimonies and sang songs.


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