HFLE training for Secondary Teachers

The Ministry of Education, and Human Resource Development Curriculum Measurement, and Evaluation unit held a workshop, on February 14th with teachers from secondary schools on the island.


The workshop raised awareness of, chronic non communicable diseases (CNCD)’s, which are a collection of lifestyle related diseases, which are becoming increasingly prevalent, among dominican children and young people.


Mrs. Myrtle prevost, the education officer of health and family education said that, by making the teachers aware of this health issue, they will educate their students, and help in prevention of these diseases.


The workshop also addressed, the available health and family life education (HFLE) secondary school materials, including the health, and family life education regional curriculum framework, for ages 11 years to 16 years.


Nurse Helen Royer, the health promotion coordinator said that, teaching good health practices to the students in hfle, will also contribute towards an increase in good behavior and grades.


In addition the possibility of a Youth Against Violence (YAV), road show to showcase the achievements of the yav students in addressing violence in schools was discussed.

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