Higher Degrees to be Implemented at the Dominica State College for Nursing

Minister of Education Honourable Peter St. Jean

In an effort to further advance the quality of nursing care in Dominica, Minister of Education Honourable Peter St. Jean pointed out that in the near future, the Dominica State College, will be offering a Master’s and Doctor’s Degree in the field of Nursing.

Mr. St. Jean believes that education is the vehicle that will ultimately take us where every Dominican expects the nation to be.

He said we as Dominicans must continue the level of commitment and tenacity that we have demonstrated over the years.

In commending the Dominica Nurses in Action organization for the work they have been doing, he advised them that Dominica is theirs to develop so they should continue their positive work.

He said the nurses have come a long way in ensuring their personal development has been addressed, and the health, wealth and security of the Commonwealth of Dominica is in safe hands.

The Government will continue to place a premium on nursing education in Dominica.

The Education Minister was proud to see eight students of the nursing program for the first time in Dominica’s history graduate at the Bachelor of Science level.

He reminded the nurses of their importance, as they are the corner stones of the country’s development, and they must continue disseminating the wealth of information they have acquired to better educate the public.


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