‘His Excelency’ Charles Savarin

vlcsnap-2013-08-09-14h28m06s67Despite critics and comments made about the recent candidates for the Presidency, today, October 2nd, Mr. Charles Savarin, the former Minister for National Security, was sworn in as the new President of Dominica.

President Charles Angelo Savarin was officially sworn-in as Dominica’s 8th President, when he took his Oath of Office, during a brief ceremony at the House of Assembly, in the presence of dignitaries, including the immediate past presidents His Excellency, Eluid Williams and Dr. Nicholas J.O Liverpool.


According to a statement from the President’s inaugural speech, he has taken up this role without malice or ill will towards anyone and without fear of intimidation and with respect to the traditions, laws and Constitution of Dominica.


Mr. Savarin served as a member of the Dominica Labour Party and a non-elected government member of Parliament.

He has also served as Minister for National Security, Immigration, Labour and the Public Service.

After fifty years in the public service and having served various roles in the social and political transformation of Dominica, he has seemingly worked his way to the prestigious and coveted title of President of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

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