His Worship, Cecil Joseph calls on residents of Roseau to make use of health advisory programs.



Mayor of Roseau, His Worship, Cecil Joseph is expressing concerns about the high rate of Dengue Fever which have been reported in the city of Roseau. While speaking to SAT TV News on Wednesday, August 25th 2010, he said that it is rather alarming that out of the  one hundred and eighty-four (184) reported cases, eighty-eight (88%) are from the vicinity of Roseau.


“The people of Roseau are not doing what it takes to have a healthy society and I’m calling on residents who are aware of the safety practices to encourage their friends and family to take the right precautionary measures to prevent Dengue Fever,” said Mr. Joseph.


He said that individuals should not depend solely on the government to fight this epidemic but instead they should take the first step by ensuring that all precautionary measures are implemented.


“When I’m at home taking care of myself and ensuring that I stick to the rules of the Ministry of Health to prevent Dengue Fever, you can too.  I’m calling on everyone to see what they can do to protect themselves because eighty-eight percent (88%) out of one hundred percent (100%)  is indeed an alarming figure.

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