Historic 1974 Dread Act Event to be Reenacted in Exclusive Play

The Artistic Director of Teyat Pawol Mr. Alex Bruno, is of the view that Dominicans will travel back in time, when he hosts his play titled ‘The Dread Act’ this weekend.

In an exclusive interview with SAT TV, Mr. Bruno pointed out that the idea behind this play came about accidentally, while he was working on another play and the story of the Dread Act kept coming to mind, so he set out to work on it.

 However, Mr. Bruno says they have taken the pros and cons of the act between the dreads and the police, to summarize in a responsible unbiased way what took place during this time in Dominica.

In discussions with the dreads while doing the relevant research to gather information for this play, many stated this act was inhumane and some innocent people were targeted.

However the police justified their use of force during the period while the act was in place.

Mr. Bruno says this play is intended for all Dominicans and visitors alike, especially those who were not born during that period, or those who want a better understanding of the act.

There will be a special production of the play for school children on Monday December 10th at 3:00pm, while the play will take place on Sunday December 9th at the Arawak House of Culture at 8:00pm, and at the Azille’s Valley Country Club in Borne.

The Artistic Director stated with only three productions of the play and with a population of 70,000, he is hoping that the play will be sold out, which is a must see for all.

Mr. Bruno highlighted that putting on a show like this was an unenviable task many would shy away from, but he was dedicated in telling the story, and the cast members made the sacrifices to practice every night for over two months.

This was his reaction when asked what he thinks will be imprinted on the minds of the people who attend the play.

Mr. Bruno said some of the stories that the dreads told him of things that took place during the act, if they have to be repeated, it might just cause a revolution because of the blatant inhumane actions that took place.

This is his invitation to the public on why they should attend the play;

There is a 20 member cast team for the show which includes a 2 year old and 5 technical people for the production.

Mr. Bruno said at the end of this play, he will be happy if the Chief of Police is present as well as the Priest of the Rastafarian Movement.

The production team has done all possible to strike a balance while presenting the facts, as they are in an informative and dramatic form to the people.


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