History Night as a Part of Salisbury Reunion


If you don’t know where you came from you don’t know where you’re heading.


Those were some of the words from Mr. Franklyn Georges, a speaker on African history, as part of the Salisbury Reunion history night. The event was held at the Salisbury Government School Auditorium last evening.


Another segment of history night was the history of Salisbury which was delivered by Mr. E. Edwards.


Mr. Edwards also gave information on where the last names of the people of Salisbury may have come from. The name Louis is thought to have been from the French, and the Vidal, Spanish.


The agricultural history of Salisbury and cultural history of Salisbury were also explored during the event.


Upcoming activities forming part of the Salisbury Reunion include the meet and greet with local cuisine scheduled for Wednesday July 27th and Soca/Calypso night on Friday July 29th.


Written by Nisha Charles

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