Honourable Ambrose George believes that the ICT will contribute greatly to Dominicas development


“The Government of the Dominica has constantly enlightened us on the path we need to take,” says Honorable Ambrose George, Minister of Information and Telecommunications as he addressed the media at the ICT and Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) launching ceremony on September 3rd 2010. He said that the CTU and ICT are introducing a new level of technology which will contribute to the country’s development.


“This is why we are stretching our minds to new policies, newer broadband infrastructure, better equipped institutions and offices, new awareness for employment and collaboration with stake holders in telecoms and ICT sectors,” said Mr George.


Mr Ambrose urged all stakeholders and sponsors to participate fully in the road show thereby contributing significantly to the country’s future.


He said, “I assure you we can not escape our responsibilities of tomorrow by invading them today. So be a partner with us and live for prosperity which is the essential building block of a stable economy and a wholesome life.”


The ICT and CTU road show will run from October 4th to 6th, 2010.

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