Honourable Ambrose George describes the Loubiere Village Council Summer Fest 2010 as fruitful.


On Monday August 30th, 2010, several students were awarded at a ceremony held under the theme, “Discovering and learning the nature isle, ours to desire,” at the Loubiere Resource Centre, following the close of a two-week summer program; Summer Fest 2010 in Loubiere. Organizer of Summer Fest 2010, Ms Seraphine Jno Baptiste said that Summer Fest 2010 was initiated by the Loubiere Village Council and was aimed at giving children in the area an opportunity to engage in clean fun during the summer.


“There are many things in Dominica that we can discover, explore and learn. In addition, there are many things that I did not know about Dominica for example, the rocks in the wotten waven community which duplicates an angry dragon exhaling steam from its mouth,” said Ms Jno Baptiste.


Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency, Honourable Ambrose George, who described the summer program as fruitful, encouraged the children to incorporate the information obtained from the program into their studies. He expressed gratitude to the organizers of the program for their hard work and dedication.


He said, “you will be scarred with the unforgettable memories of the scenic sights that you have visited during the two week period and I’m sure that if you were asked to write a composition on the activities that you were engaged in for the summer, you will choose the Summer Fest 2010.”


Mr. George pointed to the role played by one individual who helped in the success of the program. 


“I think it is necessary to mention the efforts of Ms Seraphine Jno Baptiste and her team for organizing this program. I am sure that Ms Samora Joseph, Youth Advisor, had a very important role to play here also. In fact, this is her second summer activity,” said Mr. George.


The minister challenged the organizers to continue being a beacon in the lives of children in the community in a bid to brighten the future of the upcoming generation.


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