Honourable Edison James speaks on Lio Park re-comstruction project


Parliamentary Representative for the Marigot constituency, Honourable Edison James invited media officials to witness a project in Lio Park yesterday August 10th in the community of Marigot. This visit was geared at highlighting a completely destroyed facility overlooking Lio playing field that was damaged by hurricane dean in august, 2007.  Mr. James said that he has been soliciting the involvement from the central government to assist the community in getting the facility back to its operating stages.


He said, “It was a proper facility, as you can see there is  the main pavilion building, the spectators pavilion, the public convenience and the playing field. The playing area is one of the biggest areas in the country and I’m sure that it is bigger than the Windsor Park.”


He mentioned that currently, the central government is not involved in the maintenance of this facility however he is asking for the assistance to re-construct the facility. He said that it was evident that the facility was not only utilized by the residents of Marigot but the entire North Eastern part of Dominica as well.


“Unfortunately, not one of the ministers responsible for sports from since the year 2000 including Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit, Mr. Vince Henderson, Ms Sonia Williams and not Mrs. Justin Charles now has set his or her foot in this place. We are just asking for them to take us seriously here and to assist,” said Mr. James.


James added that the young people of the North East are anxious to have this facility fully upgraded and once completed it will no doubt provide benefits to them.

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