Honourable Edison James speaks on the country’s Democratic state



Former Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Edison James is adamant that the implementation of voter ID cards and re-registration is an essential element in the electoral reform program and believes that the commissioners are being persuaded by government officials and its supporters, to prevent the usage of voter ID cards. Mr. James made this disclosure at a UWP press conference, last week.


“Before one of the commissioners attended the first meeting, he engaged the involvement of Mr Astaphan to discus the approach that would be taken with respect to ID cards. This is a conspiracy,” said Honourable Edison James.


Mr James said that the residents of the Salisbury and Marigot constituency are 100% behind the elements that compliment electoral reform and that the members of the united workers party are working feverishly to ensure that this reform becomes a reality.


“We are inviting all the various organizations and entities to join that fight. Let us talk to the media now that you must join the fight. Let us talk to the Christian Council now that you must join the fight. Let us talk to the employers of The Federation that you must join the fight. Because when the work of a conspiracy is to derail the work of an organization that gets its mandate from the constitution of the country, we can not stay silent,” said the former UWP leader.


While revealing the party’s satisfaction with Dominicans response to the implementation of the electoral reform program, Mr. James said that he is pleased that they have finally recognized the dangers that are associated with a one party state.

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