Honourable Norris Prevost speaks on Marxist Socialist Program



Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central constituency, Honourable Norris Prevost, is of the firm belief that CARICOM’s loyalty has been divided as some of the members are deeply committed to the Marxist Socialist Agenda. Prevost, who described the situation as one that has developed over the past 12-18 months, said that the agenda is not only affecting Dominica but the entire Caribbean Community (CARICOM).


“Make no mistake that the Alba Agreement is about a Marxist Socialist Agenda being  used by the Government of the Latin Americas and they have used petroleum money to seek to buy the allegiance and support of countries of CARICOM and unfortunately  Dominica took the bate,” said Honorable Norris Prevost.


Mr. Prevost said that Dominicans should move the country back on a democratic path.


He said, “Do not mistake Social Safety Programs with Marxist Socialist Program. In Dominica we were supposed to be having social safety programs which would have ruled off operations which will include ways to benefit from programs that would be administered transparently and accountably. This is what we were supposed to have.”


He said the fact that students are not receiving the valued assistance that they deserve.


“When you get a voucher for school supplies, you have to go to the various Parliamentary Representatives for you constituency to sign a letter for verification purposes. I am from Roseau Central and nobody has come to me to verify that ‘I am a person who should be assisted’,” said Honourable Prevost


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