Honourable Petter Saint-Jean says knowledge is the key to success and a better life


Minister for Education, Honourable Petter Saint-Jean commended the graduants of the Dominica Grammar School, on their great achievement at a graduation ceremony held on Wednesday June 23rd at the Arawak House of Culture. He also applauded the teachers and parents for their patience and confidence placed in the graduants. In his address to the students, Mr. Saint-Jean said that the most valuable skill any individual can sell is knowledge, and emphasized that a good education is no longer a pathway to opportunities but a pre requisite.

“Firstly, the good life is inspired by knowledge. Secondly, knowledge is not enough and we must apply knowledge in everything that you do. Thirdly, through knowledge we can go forward to where we dream of becoming and finally, knowledge is the key to success and indeed for a better life,” said Saint-Jean.


Honourable Petter Saint-Jean mentioned that the government’s commitment to continue to invest in higher education with hopes of a long term productivity pay-off. He said that they will continue to ensure that the current and future work force gets the education that they need in order to be productive contributors to Dominica’s economy.

He said that, “We have invested in all levels of education including early childhood education, grade k to fifth form, post secondary and adult education. We have invested in higher education while increasing spending on other levels of education.”


He also said that regardless of where one comes from or where they are heading, the government of Dominica will ensure that everyone is provided with the tools and direction needed to become successful in life. He urged the graduants to reflect on the theme.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. A lot has been invested in you, your school and your teachers but the question is “What have you invested in yourself and are you prepared to invest in your country?”


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