Host of “Inside Issues” Says How the Show Got Started

Host of “Inside Issues”,  Mr. Joseph Thomas

Host of “Inside Issues” since 2008 Mr. Joseph Thomas, says he remembers how this show began like it was yesterday.

Mr. Thomas said he was offered an opportunity by the manager of SAT Telecommunications Ltd Mr. Marlon Alexander, and he took it.

Mr. Thomas stated that throughout these years, he has done a lot in terms of discussions and programmes, and they have all been interesting.

He says it would be rather difficult for him to pick out which discussion stood out the most.

One of his icons is Larry King. He said he looked at his shows often and analyzed his style and topics.

He added that he has never written any questions for his guests because he does not feel like he needs to.

Mr. Thomas says confidence and interest goes a long way. For that reason, he advises anyone that is interesting in hosting a “talk show” to make sure that this is something that they want to do.


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