House of Assembly Meeting 24.08.12

Alix Boyd Knights

The House of Assembly has called a meeting to state that the Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skeritt and the Leader of the Opposition, Honourable Hector John, cannot come to an agreement for a nominee for the position of Presidency.

The speaker of the house, Ms. Alix Boyd Knights says that if the Leader of The Opposition and the Prime Minister cannot agree on a joint nominee for the presidency position, the Prime Minister shall notify the speaker, and the speaker shall notify the house accordingly.

She says that 14 days from Today, August 24th she will close the period for which she accepts nominees for candidates for the presidency.

The 7th of September is the cut-off date for which nominations can be received.

Opposition Leader Edison James says there must be a vacancy before they can go ahead and present nominations but from his understanding there has been no formal resignation from the President.

The Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skeritt indicated that the President has said that due to ill health he will not be able to continue his residency.

The Prime Minister says that if the President resigns now it means that the country will be left without a President.

Members of the House on the Opposition have indicated that they have not seen this formal letter of resign and requested that they receive a copy of the letter to move on with the nominations.

The Prime Minister has stated that if the Leader of the Opposition wants to engage him he is free to do so, but he will not make photocopies available to all those involved.


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