Hucksters Urged to Assist in the Fight Against Black Sigatoka

Hucksters on the island are being urged to adhere to measures, to manage the spread of the Black Sigatoka disease that has been spreading throughout various communities or risk losing out.

Executive Secretary of the Dominica Hucksters Association, Cecil Joseph, expressed his concerns, by cautioning hucksters against the movement of waste material from bananas and plantains.

Hucksters need to play their parts in order to contain the disease, or else production will decrease dramatically.

Black Sigatoka, a fungal disease which affects the leaves of banana and plantain crops, was confirmed to have existed here in May, 2012.

The first sign of the disease is usually seen underneath the leaf which then moves through the leaf and eventually surfaces on top of it.

The Ministry of Agriculture has idownload (1)ssued several warnings against this practice and has continued its education sensitization drive; however the disease continues to spread.

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