Hunter Captures Title “Stardom Calypso King of the Tent 2013″


Calypsonian Hunter

Despite the controversy surrounding popular Calypsonian Hunter for the past few weeks, following allegations that he wrote prompts of his song on his palm. This did not hinder him from capturing the title Stardom King of the Tent 2013, at last night’s show.

Hunter put on an exceptional performance not just lyrically, but in presentation also.

He had actors who enacted the message of his song adding an extra zest to his performance.

Hunter’s song entitled “Another Man Gone”, sent a strong message urging parents to take control of their children’s future before it leads to destruction.

The first runner up was Shadow flow who sang the popular song “rum and De Party”.

He did a dynamic performance as he rocked the crowd with his rendition.

The Karessah performed energetically. He was dressed as a pregnant woman who perfectly fitted his song titled “Water Bag Burst.

His outstanding performance led him to capture 2nd runner up in the competition.

Other Calypsonian who performed at the Tent were Daddy Chess, who came in 5th , Black Diamond, Ghetto Prince, Twana, Beno and the web to name a few.

Ironically Hunter closed the show with a short song “palm, palm, palm Hunter reading palm”. He kept his palm in plain view for all to see.

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