Hunter Pulls out from Calypso Finals


Hunter’s hand

Following allegations of cheating at the Calypso Semi-Finals held on Saturday January 26th, former three time calypso King, Derrick “Hunter” St. Rose, has withdrawn from the Calypso Finals Competition.

During the competition it was revealed that Hunter had prompts for verses of his song, written on his left hand which was caught on camera.

Since then the Hunter has been facing a lot of pressure and criticism from the public, and says his decision to withdraw from the competition is in the best interest of Calypso.

Mr. St. Rose added that he assures his many fans and supporters that this decision was taken by his Management team, and is in no way to be conveyed as his departure from the Calypso art form.

He said he will continue to write and sing his calypsos at every available opportunity, while encouraging all to continue to support the art form.

Upon receiving the news of Hunter’s withdrawal, an emotional President of the Dominica Calypso Association, Kelvin “Ras Kelly” Williams, in an interview on the situation, says that Hunter has the support of the Association.

Mr. Williams added that all he wants to say is love and respect to Hunter.

The DCA president also said that the association will issue a statement later, regarding any possible replacement for Hunter in the calypso final scheduled for February 9th at Carnival City.

Investigative Journalist Lennox Linton, who has been very vocal on this issue says, Hunter has done the right thing by stepping down from the competition.

Mr. Linton pointed out that Hunter lied, when he first commented on the issue on Tuesday January 29th, saying he wrote notes on his hand which related to his role as Treasurer of the DCA, as he had no paper.

However the following day in another interview he said he did have lyrics for his song written on his hand, which are conflicting stories that do not add up.

Mr. Linton pointed out Mr. St. Rose’s only intention of his actions was to gain an unfair advantage at the semi-finals show.



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