Hurricane Season is here

Hurricane-Tomas-Caribbean.jpgWith the hurricane season declared officially open on June 1st 2012, Dominicans are being urged to stock up on all necessary supplies since you can never be too prepared for a natural disaster.


Former National Disaster Coordinator Mr. Cecil Shillingford says, since the start of the hurricane season two systems have developed which was Alberto and Beryl, which only affected the East Coast of the United States.


This is the first time since 1908 that two Tropical Storms have developed before June 1st.


Tropical Storm Beryl which made landfall near Jacksonville Beach, Florida early on May 28th, was the strongest pre-June Tropical Cyclone to make landfall in the United States.


Mr. Shillingford says that despite all predictions, on one can predict which storm or storms will make landfall so we all have to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.


Persons living near the waterfront should also move because there may be heavy sea swells.


Mr. Shillingford pointed out that it is very important that persons stock up with adequate supplies, take last for 2 to 3 days in the event there is a significant impact, which would lead to stores taking awhile before reopening.


The Former Disaster Coordinator added that Dominicans also needs to be mindful when building, especially close to rivers, ravines, or streams, as the power of water was demonstrated through the effects of Hurricane Ophelia which brought heavy rains, and flooded many places.


He went on to say people must consider where they are going to build, because when you build a house it is an investment for life and would have to ensure that it is a safe place.

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