Ian Scotland Sentenced to 4 Months Imprisonment

court3.jpg 45 year old Roseau-Riverside resident Mr. Ian Scotland learnt a valuable lesson after facing Roseau Magistrate Candia George.

According to the facts read, on the 13th of August Mr. Scotland entered his mother’s home Ms. Camila Scotland, through the back door and stole motor vehicle parts amounting to $480.60.

The items stolen were; 1 gasket seal, 1 spark plug and an injector which were placed in a white plastic bag on the kitchen table.

As soon as Ms. Scotland realized that the vehicle parts were missing she made a police report which at that point, Mr. Scotland was cautioned.

When the defendant was approached by a member of the police force, he replied “I entered the house through the back door when my mother was sleeping and I went down to River Bank and I sold it for a guy name Bernard”

The Following day, Bernard was informed about the report and he replied. “ Ian came there with some vehicle parts and I realized he stole it from his family so I kept it in my garage for them. After, he asked for $5.00, so I gave it to him.”

Bernard then handed the parts to the officer before he was asked to come to the police station.

He was released shortly.

According to Magistrate Candia George, Mr. Scotland has been coming to court since 1993 and has appeared at court twice already for this year.

In addition, he has been in and out of the Stockfarm Prison and she feels like he needs to be taught a lesson.

Mr. Scotland was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment.

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