ICT Open House

Database Development and Management Specialist, Mr. Robert John

An “ICT Open House” was held on the ground floor of the Government Headquarters on Wednesday, October 24th.

Database Development and Management Specialist Mr. Robert John, says this is a presentation of various technical solutions for IT problems which occurred in the past.

Mr. John says this is also a way to assist the Government.

He stated that one of the benefits of this event is to enable the public to be aware of applications that are now in use.

Another benefit is to help people to carry out day to day activities in a more efficient manner.

Mr. John informed SAT NEWS that there are many common ICT problems that people are currently facing.

There is also a program called “connect2government” which was created to assist the public.

He says instead of having to phone various Ministries to get a key aspect of information to conduct some business with the Government, they can ring a central point to receive that information.

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