Illegal Squatters’ Home in Canefield East Demolished

Remains of demolished home

Remains of demolished home

Officials from the Division of Lands and Surveys, in addition to Police Officers and State Prisoners began demolishing houses in Canefield East that were built on Government land illegally.

Squatter, Mishner Gustave, who has been using land in the area for over 10 years for agricultural purposes says, he is confused as to what is going on.

The matter has been a burning issue for some time.  Persons have been taken to Court and notices placed in the area for all illegal squatters to vacate as soon as possible, as the recent surge of squatters in the area has created some level of concern among nearby residents and authorities.

Canefield East Squatter, Octavia Leslie, was in tears witnessing her neighbour’s home being broken down, adding it is not fair that the Government is doing this to people trying to make a home for themselves on this rugged land.

Leslie stated, she is very upset with the manner in which this matter was treated.  She said her neighbour who was recently released from prison, worked hard to build his house after turning his life around and demolishing it is an injustice.

Notices were served alerting the illegal squatters that they should vacate the area by May 2 2014 or be evicted, but none of the squatters have moved.

Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, and Housing Minister, Reginald Austrie previously made it clear that the squatters will not be allowed to remain on state land.

Home being demolished by prisoners

Home being demolished by prisoners

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