In Court Today: One Man Faced a Serious Charge of Possession of a Double Barrel 12

court3.jpgIn court on Tuesday September 4th, one man faced a serious charge of possession of a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun, without being the holder of a firearm license.

Davan Paul Lewis of Portsmouth appeared before Magistrate Candia George and wasted none of the court’s time by pleading guilty to the offence.

The facts in the matter were that on Saturday September 1st at about 7:30 a.m, members of the task force, drug squad and the K9 unit executed a search warrant at the defendant’s home.

Nothing illegal was found in the home but the police officers inquired about a car that was parked in front of the house.

Mr. Lewis responded, “Mine, I have a 12 gage shot gun in my car.”

They then asked for the keys to the vehicle and found the gun in the defendant’s car.

Lewis claimed that the firearm belonged to a police officer named “Tino”.

He said in court, “I know it’s in my possession but it belongs to Tino”.

The defendant was taken to the Police Headquarters and charged with possession of firearm.

According to Lewis’s attorney Zena Dyer, “Officer Tino admitted to police that he was the one who gave the defendant the firearm to hold in his vehicle”.

Police prosecutor Claude Weekes informed the magistrate that the officer was being dealt with.

Magistrate Candia George told Mr. Lewis that he must take responsibility for things he does.  If he knows that he is not a holder of a firearm license, he should not put himself in those positions.

Lewis was ordered to pay a fine of $6,000.00 by 31st December, 2012 or in default spend one year in prison.

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