Increase in students sitting G6NA

students.jpgThe Ministry of Education officials have disclosed that, just over 1,200 students will sit this year’s Grade 6 National Assessment Examinations (G6NA).


This year 610 males, while 596 females will take the exams, which is a total of 1206 students.


The 2012 figure represents a slight increase of 61 students compared to the of last year’s figures.


Sixth Graders Island wide from Primary Schools such as; the Newtown Primary School, The St. Mary’s Primary, the Jones Beaupierre Primary, the Atkinson Primary and the Delices Primary School will sit the exams in 52 centres.


Each centre will be under the control of a total of 108 supervisors and assistant supervisors.


The Education Ministry has pointed out that, the expected 2012 secondary school entry numbers are as follows:


Castle Bruce Secondary with 86, Isaiah Thomas Secondary with 118, the North East Comprehensive with 154, Pierre Charles Secondary with 70, and Portsmouth Secondary will 170.


However the Roseau schools tipped the scale with the highest number of entries, with a total of 607.


The number of students writing the exams from the north is 322, the south 171, the east 156 and west is 557.

The exams are scheduled to begin on May 24th and will go on to the 25th.

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